Pew Sheets



 13th Sunday after Pentecost   27th August 2023



Please remember in your prayers:    Hazel Dempster, Elizabeth Campbell, Molly Wishart, Bina Caulfield, Jessica Courtnadge, Sylvia Elliott,  Allen and Margaret Stanton, Peter Inge, Chris Ryan, Colin Shields,  Patrick Scott, and  for Gwen’s continuing  recovery after her recent operation     


                                     11.00 Sung Eucharist                                

                                     Celebrant – Canon Gill Hart                                     

                                     Thursday    10.00 am  Holy Communion 

                                    11.00 am Ecumenical Prayer Group 



Update from Canon Gill  The United Vestries of Greyfriars' and  St Mary's had a very positive meeting with the Bishop and Dean  last week. They were commended for the work they had already done and were encouraged to work even more closely together in the future. 

The really good news that emerged from the meeting was that the churches can apply for two grants from the diocese. The Dean confirmed that we can apply for a grant to help with the repairs to the Rectory. This grant is more or less guaranteed. We can also apply for a grant to  support ministry costs. The application process for this ministry support grant involves us making a presentation to the Diocese outlining our hopes for the future. To help us clarify the  story we want to tell about ourselves Bishop Kevin urged us to engage with the Diocesan initiatives “Bricks Without Straw”.

Young Children in Church   Rosemary Perry and Ann Gault have generously provided some books and “quiet toys” for visiting children. They are kept in a plastic crate in the corner of the transept. Please invite any visitors with children to play with them if they wish ( children only ! ) 

Holiday Dates and Cover Arrangements  1. Canon Gill is away from 10th – 30th   September. Bishop Gordon has kindly agreed to provide pastoral cover. 2. Paul Campbell ( Secretary ) will be away from 8th September -  4th October.  Gwen has kindly agreed to do the pewsheets for 17th and 24th September and 1st October

Dates for your Diary  Sunday 10th September  - Sea Sunday;  Sunday 24th September  Harvest Festival.  Gwen will be looking for helpers to decorate the church on 21st or 22nd.   Church Opening    Greyfriars Vestry members have  agreed that we should make a start on opening Greyfriars  to the public ( and ourselves ! ) outside service times. . We want to make a modest start as soon as we can, once a week - possibly  Thursdays afternoons, 1.30 – 3.30 . We are now looking for a volunteer (s) from the congregation/vestry to organise the “wardens’ rota”, on similar lines to the coffee rota, so that volunteer wardens can sign up. Please contact Paul Campbell 331596 if you would like to organise the rota.