Magazine Advisory Group

Initial meeting of LINK Advisory Group 17th September 2013

Gwen Shaw of Greyfriars and Laura Durling of St Mary's were invited by the Rector (Rev'd Roger Cutler) to join him to form a small advisory group. They met for the first time and the meeting was attended by Harold Blackburn ( Editor) and Vivien Dania ( Production Editor).

Why have an advisory group?

The Rector said that the both vestries had felt that there should be an advisory group.

The editor felt the need for a second opinion to be available in the case of controversial articles. For example- what is our response if someone submitted an article on the case for or against Scottish Independence.

The following topics were discussed:

1) Establish what is the purpose of the magazine, what are we hoping to achieve?

2) What is our target audience? Is it just our members, is it just churchgoers, is it the entire community?

3) A St Mary's editor was brought in to serve alongside the Greyfriars editor but this proved unworkable. How do we increase the Greyfriars influence?

4) How do we increase the circulation of the magazine in a cost effective fashion, how do we promote it? This and the following item need help from a church member who enjoys dealing with potential advertisers and potential places to display LINK

5) How do we place the magazine in public places for free distribution? (eg as St Mary's are currently doing at the Post Office etc.) Is this effective? Is it obvious the magazine is free?

6) How do the advisory committee influence the policies of the magazine.

As well as all these question points the Editor hoped that any advisory committee will feel they should help seek out new authors, suggest new themes and generally encourage greater participation in the magazine.

The group will probably meet about twice a year but most contact will be by email.

No hard and fast policies were laid down at the meeting but there is now a clear way for anyone to raise concerns with their representative and have the matter discussed and hopefully resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Harold Blackburn