2017 Kirkcudbright Art & Crafts Trail

Posted: 8th August, 2017

Over the weekend, we had just under 400 visitors to the church. Some came in the morning to follow the Pilgrim Trail – a reflective walk round the church – and to admire the stained-glass windows.

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Sea Sunday

Posted: 5th August, 2017

A well-attended service was held in Greyfriars on 2nd July to celebrate Sea Sunday. Officers and Cadets of the Stewartry Unit (TS John Paul Jones, Kirkcudbright), led by piper Jim White, marched to church in their smart naval uniforms and participated in the service.

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Fairtrade on sale

Posted: 18 June, 2017

For practical reasons, we weren't able to sell Fairtrade goods at Greyfriars church today. Please note that goods will be on sale next Sunday, 25th June, so bring your shopping list and money!

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A cheep way to while away the winter blues!

Posted: April 2017

Greyfriars’ member, Eric, has been knitting Easter chicks over the last few weeks. It helps pass the time in the cold and grey of winter while waiting for Spring to arrive. His mum taught him to knit as a young boy. He would sit on the doorstep and knit with her and other young children and has been knitting ever since.

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Kirkcudbright Churches Together

Churches together resizedPosted: January 2017

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity was marked in January by an evening service in Greyfriars, followed by coffee and chat, to which members of all churches were invited. The theme this year was ‘Crossing Barriers’ and led by the church in Germany.