Harvest 2021

The St. Mary’s Harvest Thanksgiving on 10th October was a resounding success. Our attendance was well above average, and Rev Gill Hart preached a memorable sermon. The Auction following (the Rector donned a bow tie and trilby hat for this) with the offertory cash, raised a generous £252 for Tear Fund Afghanistan, including a particularly hansom bid for the lobster pot donated by Rev Denis Samways. Hazel Hazlett also donated three of her talented water colours.

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This is Stephen's first service back after his heart op. Thought the setting was very GOLD AND WHITE. Penecost is the birthday of the Church when the Holy spirit is 'set' free, a very important day in the Christian calender.

Holy Week Services

28 March - Palm Sunday
9.30am:  Said Eucharist

1 April - Maundy Thursday
7pm: Said Eucharist and The Stripping of the Altar
2 April - Good Friday
2-3pm: The Hour Before the Cross  
4 April - Easter Sunday
9.30am: Said Eucharist
All services will be led by Rev Denis Samways

Gatehouse Commemoration of VE Day

The 8th May is the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe.  The Town was planning a number of events and activities to mark this occasion but of course with the current coronavirus crisis this has had to be cancelled or postponed.  Graham and Margaret Wright who run The Gatehouse Folk website have been working over the past months to collate a memorial document of the experiences of the people of Gatehouse during the war, both at home and away.  The material is now available to read online on The Gatehouse Folk website.  

The presentation contains many photographs from the time including many members of the community and it documents their activities during the war both at home and away on service. 

Visit The Gatehouse Folk website or click on the image below.

Harvest Thanksgiving

The Harvest Thanksgiving was held in St. Mary’s on 13th. October with lots of produce and flowers provided by our generous church members. This with other gifts were auctioned and some  £100 was raised for St. Michael’s Christian Girls School in Malawi.

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Decorating St Mary's for Harvest

The Rector with Mrs. Hunt and children from Gatehouse Primary School who helped decorate  St. Mary’s for the Harvest Thanksgiving with their talented art work. Kind church members awarded their endeavours with juice  and goodies !

Wedding in St. Mary's

Christopher McCabe of London , and Catherine Hoyle of Castramon House were married in glorious sunshine at St. Mary's church Gatehouse on Saturday 24th August . The best man was Bert Sampson, and the bridesmaids were Emily
Hoyle, Nicola McCabe & Sophie Odenthal . The organist was Susan Smyth, the harpist Nana Welsh, the readers Robin Calshaw & Sophie Odenthal , and the celebrant was Rev. Stephen Hazlett. The service included the eucharist ; the chalice used was that which the groom's mother and father had created for their wedding. The bride was " given away" by her father Neil Hoyle , who despite serious ill health remained proudly at his daughter's side . Sadly Neil died peacefully at home exactly one week later

[Photos Hazel Hazlett]  

Hand-carved Statue

St Mary’s vestry gratefully acknowledge the hand-carved Philippines statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary donated by Paul Gysin in memory of his wife Annette Gysin, who attended St.Mary’s & Greyfriars often.

Good Friday “Walk of Witness”

The annual ecumenical Good Friday “Walk of Witness” took place from the Parish Kirk to St Mary’s attended by some 35 people of all ages (and some canine friends). We called at the Catholic Church & Community Church en route, and meditations were led by Rev. Val Ott, Father Willy McFadden, Pastor Chris Barratt, and Rev. Stephen Hazlett. The procession ended in St. Mary’s Garden, and there followed a devotional & reflective service in St. Mary’s, led by the Rector. We are grateful to Robin Madeley for restoring our central cross.

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Mothering Sunday 2019

Mothering Sunday was held in St. Mary’s on 31st March. Posies of flowers were handed out to all the women present and later others were distributed by the Rector to elderly and house-bound church members. No doubt the stars of the occasion were Isobel and Charlotte (pictured), Dee Durpose’s grandchildren, who read the gospel and Mother’s Day poem with such clarity and ability.

Church Social, January 2019

Pene Richmond - Visit to Bangkok and Bali

Sunday 27th January at 2pm saw the first of the Socials with myself, Pene Richmond, showing my holiday photographs as a slide show ( last November I visited Bangkok and Bali ) in our Church St.Mary’s.

Richard Glass had kept the heating on from the morning service, Barbara McFarlane served the ‘audience’ with tea / coffee as they came in ( some food was on offer too). The lights were turned off to allow the viewing of my pictures on my wide screen T.V.

I talked through the slide show bringing in exhibits of Jim Thompson pieces and other props such as a map of Bangkok to help illustrate the photographs, from my laptop I was able to control the speed, pausing and playing so I could get in the information needed. It also allowed for any questions to be answered.

Photographs of Bali included my cooking lessons in the rice fields. I also showed how Batik material was made and had a piece of Batik for people to look at.

The slide show finished with Bali airport and the huge display of orchids. Richard then turned the lights on!

Around 15 people came, despite the heavy gales, and £100 made for the Church funds.

Re-dedication of the stained glass windows

Visit of the  bishop of Glasgow & Galloway to St. Mary's  on 18th. September to re-dedicate our stained glass windows, after a huge refurbishment programme. Photos include our own congregation, visitors from Greyfriars (who had donated a generous £5000) and an ecumenical between Bishop Gregor &  Rev. Val Ott from Gatehouse parish kirk . Many people were thanked for making the day possible, but especially our Property Convenor Richard Glass who supervised the work. A lovely supper followed the service.