Church Social, January 2019

Pene Richmond - Visit to Bangkok and Bali

Sunday 27th January at 2pm saw the first of the Socials with myself, Pene Richmond, showing my holiday photographs as a slide show ( last November I visited Bangkok and Bali ) in our Church St.Mary’s.

Richard Glass had kept the heating on from the morning service, Barbara McFarlane served the ‘audience’ with tea / coffee as they came in ( some food was on offer too). The lights were turned off to allow the viewing of my pictures on my wide screen T.V.

I talked through the slide show bringing in exhibits of Jim Thompson pieces and other props such as a map of Bangkok to help illustrate the photographs, from my laptop I was able to control the speed, pausing and playing so I could get in the information needed. It also allowed for any questions to be answered.

Photographs of Bali included my cooking lessons in the rice fields. I also showed how Batik material was made and had a piece of Batik for people to look at.

The slide show finished with Bali airport and the huge display of orchids. Richard then turned the lights on!

Around 15 people came, despite the heavy gales, and £100 made for the Church funds.