Bishop's Lenten Appeal - Message of thanks from MND Scotland

Posted: 28 March 2018


I’m truly grateful that MND Scotland has been chosen to benefit from the Lenten Appeal across the Glasgow and Galloway Diocese of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Your support will make a real difference to the lives of people living in Scotland with Motor Neurone Disease. Nearly 200 people will be diagnosed this year, and MND Scotland ensures people do not go on this devastating journey alone. 


Please find below some information about Motor Neurone Disease and also the work of MND Scotland, and I’d be very grateful if you could pass this on to everyone involved in the Appeal to help them understand the difference you will be making.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a rapidly progressing terminal illness, which stops signals from the brain reaching the muscles. This may cause someone to lose the ability to walk, talk, eat, drink or breathe unaided. Some people may also experience changes which affect their behaviour and ability to think and plan. Not everyone will develop all symptoms and how it affects individuals can vary significantly. There is currently no cure or effective treatment for MND and the average life expectancy from diagnosis is just 20 months. On average almost 200 people are diagnosed each year in Scotland, 53% die within one year of diagnosis and 6.5% live for more than 5 years after diagnosis. There are over 450 people in Scotland currently living with MND.

A short film showing the impact of our work can be viewed here.

Because of your help we can support everyone in Scotland who is affected by MND. We offer a variety of practical, financial, and emotional support throughout the country, including; one-to-one counselling, benefits advice, complementary therapy, a loan of our communications equipment, support groups and more. More details of the range of services we provide can be seen here.

Your support is also funding vital research to help take us a step closer to finding a cure for this devastating illness.

Many thanks again, and very best wishes,

Iain McWhirter

Head of Fundraising

MND Scotland