"Thank you for your selfless gift and caring attitude"

Posted 25th September, 2017

"I just wanted to share the story of ‘Blue Blanket’ with you. Sometimes we need the ‘bread of kindness’ cast upon the water to return in a way to help confirm what we hope really is of help to others.

So this is the story of your kind act:

"Heather has now left my house sit in Angus with Blue Blanket tucked lovingly in the car with your letter and prayer. The road ahead of her is still steep and rough but Blue Blanket tells her she is not alone.

"God bless you."

(This is just one of many thank you’s received for our Prayer Blankets. The blankets are kept at the back of the church; please feel free to take one to give to a friend or neighbour who you feel would appreciate a sign of love and support at a difficult time.)