Diocesan Pilgrimage to Whithorn

Posted: 5th September, 2017

They came from all over the diocese, in buses - from Ayr and Glasgow - and private cars, and with their dogs. Over 80 of us gathering in Whithorn, in the RC church of St Michael & St Ninian, to celebrate Eucharist together.

Afterwards we could either drive and then walk to St Ninian's cave over the crunchy stone beach or stay in Whithorn to visit the Round House and Museum.

Droste and I opted to go to St Ninian's cave as we had both brought our dogs. Teal and Ailsa throughly enjoyed snuffling amongst the stones and seaweed and begging food from hapless picnickers! We enjoyed sitting on the beach listening to the waves. As Droste said, 'the sound of the waves won't have changed at all since St Ninian's time.'

It was particularly good to see Bishop Gregor, looking very thin and frail it has to be said, but strong in spirit. He was both celebrant and preacher, supported by Rev'd David Wostenholm.