The Bishop's Christmas message

Posted: 18th December 2017


St John 1.14: and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us …


We’re all familiar with slogans, mottoes, catchphrases, straplines, by which institutions or political parties or campaigning groups like to promote themselves, their claims, their values among the rest of us. Some of them may strike us as important and even challenging – I certainly, for example, find that to be true of Christian Aid’s strapline, we believe in life before death. And I’ve always loved the motto of the University of Oxford, where I studied for my degree in theology: Dominus illuminatio mea, the Lord is my light.

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Message from the Bishop

Posted 13th October, 2017

Primates Meeting 2017

We listened carefully to the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) and with sadness accepted that the consequences for our relationships agreed in January 2016 would also apply to SEC after its decision on same sex marriage. This means that for three years, members of SEC would no longer represent the Communion on ecumenical and interfaith bodies; should not be appointed or elected to internal standing committees and that, while participating in the internal bodies of the Anglican Communion, they would not take part in decision making on any issues of doctrine or polity. The Archbishop of Canterbury will take steps within his authority to implement this agreement.



(Bishop of SEC Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway)


Diocesan Pilgrimage to Whithorn

Posted: 5th September, 2017

They came from all over the diocese, in buses - from Ayr and Glasgow - and private cars, and with their dogs. Over 80 of us gathering in Whithorn, in the RC church of St Michael & St Ninian, to celebrate Eucharist together.

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Music for a Summer's Evening

Posted: 5 September, 2017

The concert on Sunday, 27th August, which was in memory of Muriel Rhodes, long-standing and well-known member of Greyfriars, and also on behalf of Greyfriars, was a great success.

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2017 Kirkcudbright Art & Crafts Trail

Posted: 8th August, 2017

Over the weekend, we had just under 400 visitors to the church. Some came in the morning to follow the Pilgrim Trail – a reflective walk round the church – and to admire the stained-glass windows.

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Sea Sunday

Posted: 5th August, 2017

A well-attended service was held in Greyfriars on 2nd July to celebrate Sea Sunday. Officers and Cadets of the Stewartry Unit (TS John Paul Jones, Kirkcudbright), led by piper Jim White, marched to church in their smart naval uniforms and participated in the service.

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Diocesan News in Brief

Posted: 12th July, 2017

The Rev’d Paul Watson will be instituted Rector of St James-the-Less, Bishopbriggs on 26th August.

The Rev’d Janice Aiton will be instituted Rector of St John's, Dumfries on 14th October.

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Fairtrade on sale

Posted: 18 June, 2017

For practical reasons, we weren't able to sell Fairtrade goods at Greyfriars church today. Please note that goods will be on sale next Sunday, 25th June, so bring your shopping list and money!

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All Jazzed Up

They bopped into the church … they bopped throughout the service …. they bopped out of the church. Visitors to the Kirkcudbright Jazz Festival mingling with our regulars – and a few friends from St Mary’s (you know who you are!) - enjoying Dave Donohue and his band playing at our 11 am service!

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