Barbara Hawkesford - Lay Report

Sadly due to an early holiday in May, I missed the meeting at St Johns the Evangelist Stranraer. David Rose had reported it was disappointing not to be have been able to select a new Bishop. 

 A new Preparatory Committee had been voted in, and Margaret Morton reported, the committee were carrying out Cannon 4 as required. Still no Bishop! This is a long procedure. At the first round I was disappointed . The Primus Bishop Mark kept us informed, he explained no one had failed. The candidates have to go through a great deal of scrutiny, we were all asked to pray. As still no conclusion, this was handed to the College of Bishops. It had never had to go to the Bishops College before. 

July was the Synod at Holy Trinity Paisley. Group discussions took place. Seven groups, with a Bishop in each group. The Primus lead the group I was in, I found it uplifting, informative, and free to say what we all felt. Perhaps now all the Bishops knew exactly our feelings and what we required of a Bishop. Perhaps if this discussion with the seven Bishops had taken place at the beginning of selections, it would have been better. Our group were all happy, and I for one left on a high, knowing that it wasn't Brexit, but we would have a new Bishop by the end of the year, or January. 

Regional Council Meeting - 27th August - St Johns, Dumfries 

Reports from Charges: 


The Rev. Paul Singh had been appointed as Rector for both Lockerbie and Moffat. He has a wife and two sons, originally from Kerala, southern India. Those of us that hadn't met him were introduced, and were impressed. He was living at the Rectory in Lockerbie. Moffat were also thrilled with this appointment. 


St Margarets New Galloway 

Nicolette Wise had sent apologies as she was interviewing for the vacant position there. The other charges gave updates.

St Ninians Castle Douglas and Christ Church Dalbeattie

Said Rev. Christopher Ketley had settled in and looking after both churches well. 

Greyfriars Kirkcudbright: 

I informed on all the activities,and services we had been involved with in our busy town.

 Speaker at the meeting,  Amie Byers, Youth Officer, also on the council. She had attended the recent Anglican Consultative Conference in Hong Kong. This was David Roses last meeting as convenor of the council. Rev. Stephen Hazlett becomes convenor now. 

Meeting ended with prayer. 

Sorry this is so long. 

Barbara Hawkesford - Lay Rep

Vestry Update

The date of the next vestry meeting is Thursday, 19th September, 2019

News from the Diocesan Office

To: All Clergy, Lay Representatives, Treasurers, and Vestry Secretaries – and for passing on to your congregations…

From John Mitchell, Diocesan Secretary

July 2019

News from the Diocesan Office

In May, I sent what was intended to be the first of a quarterly update from the Diocesan Office (if you didn’t receive this, but would like to receive a back-copy, please contact me at the email address at end of this update). However, there are some new items to pass on, so this is being sent a little sooner than planned. As before, feel free to print and place on your noticeboard, or extract anything for your magazine…

Election of our new Bishop, and attendance at 27th July Synod

As previously advised by the Primus, Bishop Mark, there will be a conclusion of the current stage of the election process on Saturday 27th July at Holy Trinity and St Barnabas, Paisley, when Clergy, Lay Representatives (or their Alternates) can engage with him and those other members of the College of Bishops in attendance before they go on to elect our new Bishop later in the year. We are taking the apologies list as previously advised to us, but please let us know (in writing or by email) if there are any additions or alterations to be made by contacting:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., copying in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Vestry matters

The date of the next vestry meeting is Thursday, 19th September, 2019

If you would like to raise any matters for the vestry to consider, please contact the Vestry Secretary, Gwen Shaw T: 01557 330239; E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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