Minutes of the meeting; Thursday 9th May 2019

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Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 9th May 2019 at 7pm in Greyfriars House.

  • The opening prayer was given by the Revd. Stephen Hazlett. Present at the meeting were: The Rector (SH); Anthony Bird (AB) Gwen Shaw (GS); Doreen Blackadder (DB): Robert Reddaway (BR); Randale Rushing (RR); John Boyd (JB); Dr Mike Moore (MM); and Nigel Davies (ND). The Rector welcomed everyone.
  • Apologies for absence: Barbara Hawkesford.
  • Minutes of the meeting held on 7th March 2019: these were agreed and proposed by Anthony Bird and seconded by Doreen Blackadder and were duly signed by the Rector.
  • Matters arising: The only matters arising from the minutes was that (BR) informed the Vestry that the cabinet being made in memory of Grant Oliver was currently under way and would be ready sometime this summer.
  • Reports:
  1. Lay representative: Barbara Hawkesford (BH) was on holiday, she had previously circulated a report in March and had nothing else to bring to our attention.
  2. Treasurer: Anthony Bird (AB) the Treasurer had distributed his reports prior to the meeting. He confirmed that Green Energy had refunded the sums taken, but that matters with EDF had still not been resolved. (BR) confirmed that out of the monies he had given to the church as noted on the report he would wish £1000 to be allocated to Winter Wonderland to facilitate any action required. Action Anthony Bird.
  3. Property: Nigel Davies (ND) had circulated his report prior to the meeting. The Property Register has still to be completed.            GS Constructions (Borgue) Ltd had completed the windows in Greyfriars House and had repaired the Sacristy sink. The general cleanliness of GH was discussed and (DB) pointed out that it was not in good order. (JB) confirmed he would speak to SCVS and would suggest a deep clean was undertaken. Dee Painters were yet to begin on the other windows. Suggestion that the inside now was repainted as it’s all looking rather shabby.
  4. Churches Together: Doreen Blackadder (DB) had circulated her report prior to the meeting. She confirmed that the Food Bank the extra cash they have goes to purchase fresh food when required. The Rector confirmed that the Pentecost Service on 9th June at 11am would be held in Greyfriars with participation of all the churches.
  5. Protection of Vulnerable Adults & Children: Gwen Shaw (GS) confirmed that she had nothing to report other than that Stephanie Moore had been PVG cleared and was an excellent addition to the Sunday school team.
  6. Sunday School: The Rector confirmed that Murdo Shaw’s drawing would be used as the basis of a new poster. The children would be split into two age appropriate groups. There is a proposal for a Joint Sunday School outing with St Ninian’s on Saturday 14th September to Mabie Park Farm. (AB) reminded the meeting that there is money in the Sunday school fund that could be used for any expenses. Suggestion of using the Community bus or the Abernethy one. The Rector thanked Steph Moore and Rosemarie Main for all their hard work and input. (SH) will give them themes to work on and a letter will be drafted to send to parents. Sea Sunday Service on 30th June will be a joint one with St Mary’s and participation from the Sea Cadets and other seafaring organisations.
  • Other Matters
  1. The Bishop’s Appointment: The Rector noted that a new committee will shortlist candidates for the role of Bishop at the end of August, then their recommendations will go forward to the wider group.   There was still no Rector for Challoch, Port Patrick or Stranraer.
  2. Dean Ian Barcroft: The Dean was also moving on to his new post as Provincial Director of Ordinands on 3rd
  3. Eco-Congregations- involvement of Greyfriars & St Mary’s and registration: T: 0131 240 2274. Revd. David Coleman is new Chaplain. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   (AB) confirmed that at the recent meeting discussion had taken place to expanding the bus routes and to adopt and area/road for litter picking had been suggested. A What’s App Group had been formed.


  • Joint meeting of Greyfriars and St Mary’s Vestries Thursday 16th May at 7pm

An agenda had been circulated for the new date and the only item open for discussion had been with Rachel Inglis’s departure after the September issue a new editor for the Link and Website would be required. The Rector had approached Jane Richardson who could not undertake it. Ken Smythe would continue as overall Website master. Randale Rushing (RR) offered to take on Website entries for Greyfriars which was approved by the meeting. Action: RR to contact Rachel Inglis to discuss handover.

  • Correspondence:
  1. Kirkcudbright Parish Church- refurbishment consultation. The Rector read the letter we had received by way of information.
  2. Internet & Social Media Training on Saturday 25th May at 11am in St Ninian’s Hall. Three members of Vestry would be attending, Gwen Shaw, Anthony Bird and Randale Rushing.


10 A.O.C.B:

  • Art & Craft Trail 2nd – 5th August 2019- Fantastic Creatures: reminder that the Church will open this year from 11am – 3pm Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd.  Sunday 4th afternoon 1pm – 3pm and closed on Monday 5th.  Childrens’ activities on Friday 2nd 11am – 2pm. Beautiful flower arrangements to view and musical entertainment.  Action: The Rector has approached some musicians and has this in hand.
  • Winter Wonderland.  New ideas are needed and this year there will be a childrens’ stall organized by the Sunday School.
  • I.C. Harbour Square: should the proposal for reopening as a community staffed venue we would ask if they could be key holders.
  • The date for the next Vestry meeting is Thursday 12th September 2019 at 7pm.

11 Closing Prayer: the meeting concluded with the Grace at 8.15pm.

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Vestry matters

The date of the next vestry meeting is Thursday, 19th September, 2019

If you would like to raise any matters for the vestry to consider, please contact the Vestry Secretary, Gwen Shaw T: 01557 330239; E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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