Sunday School

Sunday School restarted in Greyfriars on Sunday 2nd April 2017. Currently, it is held monthly on the first Sunday of each month and is led by Drostie Tame, our Sunday School teacher, assisted by Rosemarie Main. We welcome regular and visiting children between the ages of 4 and 11 to take part. The children come into the church at the start of the service at 11am, take part in their class in neighbouring Greyfriars’ House and rejoin the congregation at the start of the Eucharist. Any parents wishing to accompany their children are very welcome to do so.

Drostie says “Bible-themed activities which the children can look forward to include creating collages, making cards, drawing pictures, and creating faith-based crafts, as well as plenty of singing and drama, all designed to appeal to ages 4-11. Help and plenty of encouragement will be offered to ensure the children make the most of their time with us. This is a sacred space for them in the same way as is our adult worship. The children are free to take part in any activity, or not, as they wish, and if they would rather just observe that is fine too!"