Greyfriars and St. Mary’s is a linked charge of the Scottish Episcopal Church in the diocese of Glasgow and Galloway. The church in Kirkcudbright dates back to Medieval times, and in Gatehouse of Fleet to 1840. We hope you will find in these pages welcome, inspiration and information.


He is not here; He is risen.

These were the words spoken by the angel to the first people who appeared at the burial place of Jesus. It was the women followers of our Lord. The disciples came later. Interesting too that these women discovered the greatest miracle of all time in the process of doing something that was thoroughly distasteful; they were there to care for the body of their Lord who had been so cruelly and unjustly put to death on what we now know as Good Friday. They walked distance with purpose in their hearts to show some simple kindness, having already been with him during the horror of the crucifixion itself. His closest male followers had so let him down. Peter had denied him, Judas had betrayed him, and Thomas had doubted him. These women did something else on this first Easter; they had defied the threats of the Roman army and the Temple officials, and bravely overcame their own darkest turmoil just to be with him one last time. They saw what had happened to their beloved leader - their first feelings that early morning would have been fear. Who would be next? After the fear came the desolation. Just before the appearance of the risen Lord to Mary, St. John records poignantly that she wept bitterly - with yet another negative feeling, a profound sense of loss.

Yet some time later she is able to tell the other followers “I have seen the Lord”. All their collective shock, fear, and desolation is dispelled. Surely it can be too for us today. We believe in a Christ who was not alive, then dead; but one Who was dead, then alive. And isn’t it remarkable that the best news the world ever had came from a graveyard. Now that is hope ...

Stephen D. Hazlett, Rector

The Scottish Episcopal Church is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, with 70 million members in 163 countries. It is the third largest Christian church in Scotland, and is in full communion with the Church of England, the Church of Ireland, and the Church in Wales. Our Christian belief is centred on the Holy Scriptures and the Sacraments of baptism and the Holy Communion. We live out these core beliefs through worship, prayer, and Christian living.

Both churches have an active role in our communities, sharing God’s love in ecumenical partnership with other churches. We give of our means and talents to the greater purpose of God’s work and the needs of our fellow humans locally, nationally, and internationally. We are listening churches, not just to those who attend our worship, but to all who find need of us, whether through baptism, marriage, illness or other pastoral needs, and bereavement. The Rector can be contacted at anytime.

Our congregations are enthusiastic, caring, and warm and hope you will be able to share with us as we celebrate our Christian life together.  

May the Lord be with you, and may His peace be yours today and always.